Plastic Blue Water Meter Protection Box


  • Introduction:

Gokul Poly Valves take great delight in promoting ourselves as a premier manufacturer. Agriculture Valves, Agriculture Ball Valves, PP Ball Valves, HDPE Ball Valves, Polypropylene Ball Valve, and Plastic Blue Water Meter Protection Box are just a few of the products that we are the prominent manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of in India.

  • Concerning the Plastic Blue Water Meter Protection Box:

Water meters are shielded from the cold by cylindrical and rectangular “meter boxes,” as the accuracy of the meters was impacted by the weather. The substance used to make it is polyethylene. In comparison to Iron meter boxes, it is more affordable, aesthetically pleasing.

The plastic blue water meter protection box is made for a variety of uses in the utility, rail, commercial, mechanical, and electrical industries.

The modern water meter chamber is made of plastic, and it is widely used in practically all sectors. These coverings are more useful than traditional polypropylene water meter boxes made of cast iron or concrete because of their light weight, great load carrying capacity, and ease of movement.

  • Here some features of Plastic Blue Water Meter Protection Box:
  1. Complete plastic
  2. Except the stainless steel screw (which steadily seals the top cover of the water meter box)
  3. No bottom cover
  4. Solid and high quality
  5. Long service guaranteed