Pvc Ball Valve

We are one of the manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter at Pvc Ball Valve in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. They can be every ball valve work well for pool, laboratories, food and beverage industry, water treatment, life science application and chemical application. It  Pvc ball valve is characterize in high physical property and resistance to chemical attack by strong acids also other oxidizers, alkalis, salt solutions, some organic chemical solutions, and many other chemicals. The maximum service temperature of Pvc is 140°F. The company of a design stress of 2,000 psi at 73°F, the long durable hydrostatic strength of Pvc is like high as any of the major thermoplastic materials being used for solid piping systems. It can be joined by solvent cementing, threading, or flanging. It’s designed keeping in mind precision and functional requirements like smooth operation, water tightness, strength and durability. These are successful introduce a lot of innovative and value added products, we are now proud to introduce the most useful and good quality PVC ball valve. These valves are functionally much superior against alternative products available in the market at reasonably best price.

We are one of the Premium quality ranges of ball valves like Pp Ball Valve, Pvc ball valve, Polypropylene ball valve, Drip irrigation ball valve, solid ball valve, Irrigation Valve, Pvc Foot valve, , Pp Nrv, service saddle, Pipe repair saddle, Venturi Injector, Upvc ball valve etc. These valves work is smooth operation, water tightness; strength, durability, repair and maintenance are simple to replace.

Our work quality has Pvc Ball Valve are manufacturing and supplying premium quality products to our customers as per their requirement clients every one across the country we are successful in establish our business in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Karnataka and other area of India.


  • Easy and Reliable Joints: These valves are provided with solvent weld type joints for quick and reliable installation.
  • Unique Compact Design: They are highly durable, have simple structure are less prone to damage or leakages, and require little or no maintenance
  • Strong, sturdy and durable: Pvc ball valves can maintain and regulate high pressure, high volume and a high flow of temperature.
  • 100% Factories Tested: Each and every valve is tested to ensure trouble free performance.
  • Smooth Handle Movement : It’s Pvc ball valves are relatively quick and easy access the seats when a valve requires fixing